7 learning time management tips fastessay.com

You are in an infinite fight with laziness, distraction and lack of motivation. Modern novelties, such as mobile phones, social networks and other available online entertainment, will steal your time even more than before. Almost every student constantly loses this struggle and spends precious hours on something meaningless, but at the same time

After several months of training, we understand the importance of performance. The brave men who devote their time to every activity are always a step forward from those who cannot do so. They get better grades in college, feel less pressure and can find any spare minute for their hobby. Thus, the question arises: is there an effective solution that will be more productive these days?

Fortunately, there is a way out, and more than one. We've collected several life packs for better time and self-inspiration. Enjoy!

1. Adhere to the Plan or Why Schedules are Better than To-do Lists

Create a plan for one or two semesters at the beginning of the school year. Please refine your objectives that you would like to achieve during this time period. Moreover, it is important to indicate a time limit for their implementation

In turn, before you go to bed, you can schedule every day. A classic schedule is preferable to a list of actions for several reasons:

  • Students spend a lot of time completing the first item on the list without taking into account the others
  • At the end of the day, only some of them had finished
  • The schedule allocates certain intervals for each task and even for breaks. This allows you to manage all the points in the plan
  • Don't pretend you can do anything during the day or something other than your skills. Try to manage your schedule according to your current capabilities and calculate emergency situations

    2. Check Pomodoro Method and Other Apps for Time-Management

    Put your phone on good use: Download some useful applications, such as "Pomodoro". This method was created long before the digital analogue, in the 1980's Francesco Cyrillo. At present, this is a fairly popular technology among successful and passionate people

    The application program is divided into your time of 30 minutes; each consists of 25 minutes of work called "pomodoro" and 5 minutes of rest. After completion of 4 pamos you can take a break of 15 -20 minutes

    In the first stages of mastering the technique "Pomorno" students were flying impulses for the delays or switching the task from the current to the other. This is a normal process of adaptation: after passing through it you will notice changes in your work or the effectiveness of the study. The time will not allow you to sit

    However, if you discover that this method is not suitable for you, it is normal. You can try various applications that are considered as productivity: carrots, Crimea, iTunes, Infinite Storm, and many other free and priced programs that can help you with your intentions

    3. Morning exercise and evening walks

    The morning training is a great way to start your day productively. The physical operation has a positive effect on the brain: in course and in sports, the brain creates certain hormones (for example, endorphins) that have improved your mood and make you happier. It also reduces the symptoms of stress and depression, enhancing your self-confidence and resilience

    Evening walks, in turn, normalize the sleeping regime and give you a burst of inspiration. Good sleep and motivation are the most necessary for successful learning

    4. Put the phone down

    If you are not going to use timers or applications like Pomoro, turn on your mobile phone. Of course, you can use the Internet during training, but you can close all tabs that are not related to your specific task. News and social networks are your worst enemies, so it is better to avoid contact with such information during the working day

    5. Clear the room

    This may seem unreal, but there is a direct connection between the filthy room and the length of the duration. Every time you're surrounded by the unorganized space, your opinion distraces the objects in a mess

    Moreover, the untidy room and the lack of motivation for cleaning create a harmful setup: "If I do not clean my area in time, I can violate the college time (at the university, in the workplace)." The place where you live is somehow describing you. In this case, it is not positive

    In the clean room, on the other hand, there is no detail to be distracted. Every single thing is in the appropriate " work place: this will inspire you to do what you have to do

    6. Organize a separate place to study

    Some students study in their own beds. Although some of them feel more comfortable in a relaxing atmosphere, the majority cannot cope with the incomprehensible feeling. This space is usually associated with a dream or a rebuxate and is almost never associated with hard work. Your brain automatically switches to "rest mode," and you can't help it. Therefore, it is recommended that you work at the table

    7. Normalize the dream

    The lack of good sleep leads to rapid exhaustion. Moreover, the lack of others is harmful to health and productivity in the long run. At least 6 to 8 hours per day depending on your individual needs

    Another problem of sleeping is the irregularity and shift in the morning hours. Students prefer to sleep from 1 to 3 in the morning rather than finish all the work before the start of the new day. It has been proven that scientists who fall asleep between 22:00 and 12:00 are a healthier habit. You can even reduce your sleep time after he has adhered to this regime, and you can do it with a healthy diet

    Try changing the habits of old life to a new one. But not all at once: starting from one or two of the councils mentioned above, will gradually expand this list of principles and will be very productive during your school year